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All In Store For 2024!

First off, we hope everyone’s New Year is off to a Limitless start! A huge thank you to you all for choosing Limitless as your place of health and wellness.

This year ahead, we have a ton in store for you all! From events, to new equipment, and community events, we are doing our best to make this space your home away from home.

– LF Team

LF Unplugged: Snow Shoeing Grouse Ridge!

On February 17th, the LF Team will be hosting a snow shoe hike out on Grouse Ridge. This is an open invitation to all LF members!

Plan to be gone a good majority of the day, as we plan to make it out to one of the many beautiful alpine lakes. Of course, this will be weather dependent. If its raining on the mountain, its definitely a no go. However, if it’s snowing, we’ll still be shoeing!

Hiking Itinerary/Need To Knows:
• Leaving GV at 8am from LF parking lot.
• If you need snow shoes, Mountain Rec can rent them to you. (Pick then up the day before)
• Bundle up! We recommend nothing too heavy, as you will get hot! (gloves, boots, snow pants, lighter down jacket, possibly sun glasses)
• Bring plenty of water, pack a lunch, and bring snacks!

Workout For A Cause: MTB NorCal

This next Workout For A Cause recipient is an awesome one! We’ve chosen, MTB NorCal: Youth Bicyclists of Nevada County, who was founded by one of our very own, Shane Scrimager.

A little bit of MTB NorCal’s background are hosting group mountain bike rides, trail work days, trail advocacy/stewardship, fundraising, and of course sharing the stoke! They added an annual event in ‘23 at Biketober’fest in Northstar, and with their success they were invited back for 2024.

One of our reasons for choosing this organization, is because of their involvement with our community’s youth. Youth Bicyclists of Nevada County’s mission is to support youth cycling clubs in fostering healthy lifestyles through promoting nutrition, riding bikes, and trail advocacy.

Since it’s been awhile since our last Workout For a Cause, we’d like to reiterate what exactly this event entails. Primary goal: strengthen the roots of this community. Every quarter, we’ll be selecting a local non profit. The goal is to create awareness around the cause, and any monies generated to be donated 100% to the organization.

We also invite other local like minded businesses to the event, to help bring awareness around their name and brand. They will be raffling off either their goods, services, and/or gift cards at the end of the event.

Lastly, this workout will be held the weekend of March 23rd at 10am. Location will be Limitless Fitness. This will be a circuit style workout where you get to experience each of our trainer’s specialties. The workout itself is roughly 50-60min, and everyone is welcome! You don’t need to be an LF member to attend.

So, please join us:

Saturday, March 17th, 2024 @ 10am

New Equipment!!!

Pretty excited to announce a new line of machines that we know everyone will enjoy using. It’s been sometime now that we’ve needed a new Smith Machine, and Hack Squat. These two pieces will be acquired this year, and hopefully around summer.

If you’ve ever worked with Hammer Strength machines, Panatta puts them in their wake. We’ll eventually replace the center machines with all Panatta plate loaded unilateral isolation machines. These machines are such a better tool to use for strength and hypertrophy. We’ll keep you all posted when they’re on their way!

Annual Gym Fee

To keep up with inflation and continue to build Limitless while maintaining as few extra fees as possible, we’ve decided to do implement a one time yearly annual charge of $15. These monies will help with the maintenance, productivity, and overall continued growth of the gym. This small charge once a year will go a long way for us to pay it back to you, by growing and ever-evolving your home away from home. These once a year annual fees will be charged in the month of February.