24 Hour Full Facility Access
Easy and Transparent Membership Agreements
No Contracts
$50 per Month Flat Rate
Family and Corporate Options Available
First Responder Discounts


Take the guesswork out of your gym time and get a program designed for YOU
Customized weekly routine programming available to you anytime, anywhere from Coach Matt or Coach Courtney
Routines designed based upon your goals, needs, and schedule
Workouts with demo videos are delivered in advance through the True Coach App
Check-ins and open communication directly with your Coach
Healthy eating guidelines and lifestyle support
$250 per Month Flat Rate
Includes Open Gym Access for local members


Specialized coaching and routine design tailored to YOU
In person one on one sessions with prescriptive routines
Includes goal setting, check-ins, open communication and support, injury prevention, corrective exercise, strength training, movement technique, and more
Nutritional and lifestyle guidance
Contact your desired Coach directly to book