In Memory Of Kyle Rutherford

Dear LF Family,

As you may already know, Kyle Rutherford (a friend, a father, a husband, a fire fighter, and a member of Limitless Fitness), suddenly passed away March 20th on his commute down to his Sacramento fire station. Kyle was very well known within our small community, and always made a positive impact with any person he interacted with. Kyle was someone that brought everyone together, and always had your best interest in mind.

Two days before Kyle passed, he had expressed to us that where the Rogue Rack sits behind the gym office, the equipment that surrounded it could be better organized than how we had it. Haha. He made a valid argument that where things currently sat interfered with members’ workout routines; having to walk through people’s space to get certain pieces of equipment. We told Kyle those rogue plates were his and he could do whatever the heck he wanted with them! He laughed and shrugged, humbly smiling and said, oh no, no. Just put them where I don’t have to bend to reach them. Haha. So, with that being said, how we have the equipment laid out around the rack is from what Kyle recommended; his contribution to the gym, and the forever memory of who Kyle was as a person.

As a tribute to Kyle, we are having world renown artist, Cory Norris (Owner of Classic Tattoo), come and paint a mural in his memory. If you’ve wondered why we’ve taken out one of our TVs, it’s because that’s where the mural will reside.

We’re making this mural event a fundraiser to help raise money for Kyle’s widowed wife Sheena, and his four kids that he left behind. You can either click the link below, and be directed to their GoFundMe page, or you can participate in the live event of the mural painting, and donate at the event.

The mural will take place on Saturday, May 8th at 1pm. Feel free to swing by and watch the memorial artwork manifest!

Thank you LF Family for your constant support! Hoping we can all come together in a big way to help the Rutherford family!

-LF Team

The Digital Rendering Of What’s To Come!

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